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We live by volunteering

A church community is based on the work of voluntary hands. In a church like ours, many things happen every week, and of course many hands are needed for everything to go around.
Being a volunteer is an opportunity for you to serve God with the gifts you have received. Below you can see some of the areas where you can volunteer and serve with your gifts and abilities.


Do you like brewing coffee, baking cake, chatting with people and creating a good atmosphere? Then we need your hands in Café Klosterbakken. We need more people who can take one or two shift of a few hours a week. If it sounds like something for you, we would love to hear from you.


In the worship team we are passionate about worshiping God with all we are, singing and playing for His praise and honor. We ae responsible for the church's worship for Sunday services, and work to create a space where people can worship God just as they experience it best. We are always interested in people who can sing or play. So if you are crazy about worship and can either sing or play bass, drums, saxophone or a completely different instrument, then it could definitely be something for you.

Technical team

The technical group is responsible for sound and multimedia for church services and other meetings. If you have the courage to learn how to control a mixer or have a good eye for graphic design, you are welcome to have a chat with us.

Children's church

In the children's church, we need more employees who like to be with children. As an employee here you should not be afraid to be silly and come up with crazy and wild ideas.

Teenage ministry

If you like to plan crazy ideas and hang out with teenagers, you should join Sela's leader team. We work to have an exciting teenage club, which both creates a framework for good community between teenagers and leaders, but also to strengthen the teenagers' relationship with God. If you don't have much great experience with teens but just have your head filled with ideas, you are also welcome to contact us.


All our services are simultaneously interpreted into English, as we have many English speakers in the congregation and visiting. If you are good at the English language, we would appreciate getting you into our interpreter team. There will occasionally also be the opportunity to interpret consecutively from the stage when we have testimonies and similar - however, it is not a requirement that it is something you have to do.


After every service there is the opportunity to get intercession in our church. This team is for you who love to pray for people and thus be used by God to help people in need.

Dorte Kjærgaard

Dorte Kjærgaard

Lena Jørgensen

Lena Jørgensen

Thomas Graf

Thomas Graf