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In our church on Sundays we have services in different languages. At 10.30 we have a Danish service, that is always translated to English. At the same time, we have a Vietnamese service. After the service, free coffee is served in the café. Here, you will have a good opportunity to have a chat and enjoy the great fellowship amongst the attendees. The café of the church opens the doors at 9.30, so coming early before the service starts is an option, having a cup of coffee and some simple breakfast.

What happens in the church

Many things happen in our church throughout every week and something for people of all ages. Here you have an overview of the churche's primary activities:

Christianity class

For 6th - 7th graders

Other things going on in the church:

Evening devotion and prayer

Every Tuesday for everyone

Summer party

A festive day full of activities


A course in Christianity