Joyful Voices Gospel Choir

The gospel choir of the church

If you want to sing gospel and join a community that goes beyond the choir evenings - then the gospel choir Joyful Voices is for you. The choir belongs to the Rhythmic Evening School and is associated with Odense Baptist Church.


Price: It costs DKK 750 per season to join the choir. Students at half price, DKK 375. The seasons are from January to June and August to December. The choir performs various events during the season, eg. choral day with voice training. We practice every Monday at 19.15 - 21.35 in the Baptist Church.

We take in new members in January and August. The choir is for everyone. There is no admission test and no knowledge is required. However, we reserve the right to hold a small voice consultation if we estimate there is a need to strengthen one or more voice groups. The choir consists of 4 voice groups: Soprano - alto - tenor and bass.


Find more information on the website of the choir.