Cell groups

For all generations

The cell group is a place where you meet to share life with each other, talk about life's big questions and enjoy the community with each other. If you want to be part of a smaller community, we have about 10 different cell groups in the church. They are both for young and old people. A cell group meets either in the church or in the homes. The program is often very flexible according to who comes. For the most part, it will consist of:

- Reading a shorter piece from the Bible

- Talk to each other about how we each understand it and how we can use it in our own lives

- There will often be a time of prayer. It is voluntary to pray, and you can also ask the others whether they will pray for you

- There will be time to talk having a cup of coffee


Contact the church's priest if you want to join one of the congregations groups or if you want to know more.

Henrik Søndergaard

Henrik Søndergaard
Leading priest
+45 61 30 21 54