Social work

We try to reach out to the city

In our church we perform social work in the form of humanitarian and social activities. This is done through the church's affiliated association, Forening Klosterbakken, which is also responsible for the church's café, Café Klosterbakken. The association arranges an annual trip to Legoland for children who do not go on holiday. Assistance packages are also distributed to economically disadvantaged families with children using a special application. Furthermore, the association is in charge of the Thursday Café, helping out with learning Danish, practical help for refugees, guidance regarding the Danish society and the municipality, and much more. Everyone is welcome in the Thursday Café every Thursday from 13.30 to 17.30.


If you want to know more about Forening Klosterbakken and the social work, please contact our chairman.

Mogens Andersen

Mogens Andersen
+45 20 74 23 91